Joshu Beef
World-renowned beef, rare breed and reared in very special ways, the Joshu Beef is especially soft and tender. Imported from Japan, the Joshu Beef is served in superior soup and is neither oily nor greasy. This dish is extremely unique and hardly available anywhere else, give it a try today!

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Winner of Singapore Golden Tripod Award 2002 (Gold) competing against delicacies from more than 80 different restaurants. The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon dish consists of scallops, egg white and fish roe, fresh tasting and melts in your mouth. With complements from judges, customers, this sincerely made dish is healthy and elegant. This award-winning dish has since sold more than 30,000 times and is set to be one of the key delicacies of Tonny Restaurant.

Crispy Yam with Truffle Oil
Specially picked yam from Thailand, sliced into thin shreds and lightly fried into golden brown at extremely high temperature, the Crispy Yam with Truffle Oil is Tonny Restaurant’s best selling dish. Coupled with secret superior gravy and fragrant truffle oil, it is simply irresistible and is a must try for all. It has also been complemented as a tasty snack and should be widely distributed in supermarket stores.

Braised Crocodile Fin with Abalone Sauce
According to research, the nutrients from crocodile meat is many times more compared to regular meat such as pork, chicken etc. Based on market supply and repeated attempts to select the finest part of the crocodile to serve as a dish, the fin was eventually selected to be prepared as a braised delicacy. Cooked in traditional Hong Kong cuisine style, the thick gravy contains various spices, superior soup base and is steamed for about an hour. Instead of spending large amounts of money on expensive tonics, why not consider this nutritious and delicious Braised Crocodile Fin in Abalone Sauce?

Double Boiled Black Chicken Soup with Almond Juice
In today’s busy environment, the expectations of a chef are vastly different as compared to before. Coming from New Territories (Hong Kong), Tonny Chan is a chef who focuses on not just delicious but also healthy dishes. Going through the enduring process of constantly improving traditional recipes, Tonny makes sure that each dish is tuned to perfection. In the making of this nutritious dish, the skin and fats are removed from the chicken before chinese herbs and scallops are added. Most importantly, the almond juice has to be boiled for more than 3 hours to bring out the fragrance and smoothness. This dish is definitely a favorite among the elderly and is also one of the featured dishes in Tonny Restaurant.

Steamed Curry Crab with Glutinous Rice
Most Singaporeans like to eat large crabs which are flown in from Sri Lanka almost everyday. We carefully select only the best crabs and steam with glutinous rice and home made curry sauce to bring you a unique taste that is not available anywhere else.


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